Texas and OU want to leave the Big XII

There really does not seem to be any question about that being true. For those that don’t want them in the SEC, what’s your best option if those two wind up somewhere else?

Do you want the SEC to stay at 14 teams?
Do you want to try add other schools to the SEC, and if so, who?
Do you want Arkansas to go elsewhere, and if so, where?

If you want one of these other alternatives, please explain to me why you think that Arkansas will be better off five years from now if you get your way?

Let them join. Charge tu a $500 million membership joining fee, plus give them an annual schedule of Alabama, AU, LSU, UGA, FL, OU, aTm, and Arkansas, + a power 5 non conf opponent (Clemson will do) and 3 cupcakes of their choosing.

The clips, pay $50 million + a standard SEC schedule. Their power 5 opponent can be Nebraska.

Yeah, that sounds fair. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Under no circumstances do I want the UA to leave the SEC. And as bad as I hate the idea of Texass & OU joining it, I’m not sure there’s a better option. Changes are coming with college football. I don’t think I’ll like most of them. However, if changes are going to come, I want the UA to be at the front of the beneficiaries. It appears adding OU & Tex will bring a bunch of dollars our way. I’m not sure we can pass those up. I’m also not sure what happens if the SEC rejects those schools. The Little 12 is not likely to survive. I’d rather the SEC end up being the strongest conference there is. What I don’t want is for us to be the weakest of the strong. I admit I have no idea what’s best for us.

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Texas is going to have to get past their legislature before they can do anything. There is already a buzz of passing a bill that would prohibit it.

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I mostly agree with you neast. Take Ok and another Big XII school Ok St maybe. Let Texas squalor around for a home. Losing out on TX will not doom the SEC as a super conference.
More money for the UofA is always a blessing and most probably will decide this outcome. In large part due to Texas manipulating the scale.

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Not trying to be political, but they don’t have a quorum to do that… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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