Texas and NIL Creativity

So you set up and/or use a non-profit charitable organization to pay out NIL money? Hmmm. Ok. I guess it could work like an auction - you spend or acquire X to bring in Y in charity donations. But what do the players need to do to justify the X (their NIL payment) in order to bring in the Y? Go to events? Sign autographs? Let them use their images? Maybe it’s legit. Can’t tell.

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I got accused of not wanting players to get paid. That wasn’t the issue. This is the issue. How do we get an o-lineman that Texass wants? Most likely we don’t.

There is nothing to be done about it now, too late, but you are going to see the rich get richer and richer and the rest of us get worse and worse. 10 to 20 years from now? I don’t have a clue what college sports is going to look like, but I am 95% sure most of us are not going to like it.

College sports is “dead man walking” in my opinion.


We simply outbid Texas, through our own NIL system. There’s money in them thar hills! Harness it.


While that would be nice, I don’t see it.

Hope I am wrong. I would love to be one of the “big boys” but we have never been.

I do not see us being able to outbid Texass, or Alabama, or USC, or Auburn or Texas A&M (that is for sure not an exhaustive list).

:thinking: many of us will be dead in 10-20 years ….it’s something I don’t waste time worrying about .

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i agree Greg. This kind of thing is going to ruin college football.

I think it maybe has already ruined what I knew as collegiate sports, In my day, no NFL player made anywhere near 50,000 dollars, more like 5,000 until the Namath contract.

But it looks like a freight train with no one at the throttle.

Simply outbid, sure seems easier said than done, but what do I know since I just learned that almost four million dollars was “chicken feed”!


I’ve said since the implementation of NIL that South Alabama could become a power simply by outbidding other schools for 5 star players. So could Arkansas.

College sports will become “the highest bidders will win the highest honors”. Or, is that new?

Tyson could easily pay all of our scholarship O-line $50K. Don’t forget, Greg, that there are more millionaires per capita in NWA than anywhere else in the country. I don’t like this any more than the rest of you, but this ain’t changing back. We can, and will, compete.

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Tyson the company? I doubt the shareholders would approve of that.

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If NWA has lots of millionaires they need step up to match what’s beginning to happen at UT, who is pretty proud here in Austin with some recruiting right now.

By the way I don’t like the Wild West of NIL.

No. Mike Tyson. Of course, Tyson Foods. Johnny Tyson was always around when we were winning in '94. I saw him at practice at least 2 times a week, and he was always in our travelling party. If Tyson Foods wouldn’t compete with Texas to fund the beef/ pork up front, I guarantee the Tyson family would.

I don’t know what there is to be proud about in Austin right now, but there are indeed plenty of millionaires in NWA that love the Hogs. Like I said, we will compete!

I would expect these “bidding wars” to get out of hand just like coaches’ salaries have.

I don’t dispute that, but there is no way to go back now. We either adapt or die, and I, for one, think our athletic department is in a position of strength in all sports right now. It’s up to people way smarter than me to adjust to the the new normal and keep us there. I believe they will.

It won’t be pretty.

You will need people with 5-10 million of cash laying around to get involved. Being a millionaire doesn’t mean you have liquid cash to pour into a recruiting slush fund. It will take a few heavy hitters to make something like a recruiting slush fund come alive. Farmers would have to choose between a new combine or an offensive lineman. They can’t depreciate an offensive lineman.


But all the OL pictured on the sides of ABF or JB Hunt trucks would look intimidating and wonderful.

Remember, those trucks saturate our interstates across this country. What recruit wouldn’t want his mug seen all across America?


In a prior time, that would be described as “wife tales”. No doubt there are many wealthy people in NWA, and millionaires on a per capita basis is a measurement of the community’s ratio of wealth, but that measurement does not necessarily compare total numbers in a defined area. No doubt Austin’s total number of millionaires might be challenged by the total number in NWA but there is little doubt the total number of millionaires in the state of Texas would be many times more numerous than the NWA total number, or perhaps of more significance, compare the total of millionaire donors for each school where an actual relationship might exist to serve as a basis. No doubt there is wealth but the wealth was not made to give signing bonuses to possible future OL contributors.