Texas A&M

If that isn’t the alltime Aggie move…

Meanwhile, Jawja up 8 at halftime on Auburn.

Aggies going to Aggie! Seemingly all the resources in the world have a real battle in overcoming the sad reality of being an Aggie. I guess as a properly raised Southerner would say “ Bless your heart !”

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@jeremy , what would the Bear have done if you left the jerseys back at the hotel?


But they are winning near halftime over the Gators

Duke getting spanked by NC St
44-22 at half

yep Duke is learning it’s a REALLY bad idea to hire a new head coach with ZERO head coaching experience

And when K’s brand/legacy eventually fades away, the recruiting will dry up as well

I don’t even wanna ponder that, Jeff, lol.


They should have just called the local Blue Bell branch to run over a dozen ice cream vendor uniforms.

Buzz took the blame for it in postgame, said the jerseys were in his hotel room. So as not to toss the manager under every wheel of the bus.


He’s a good guy then, because there is no way those atrocious uni’s were in his room. Some manager F’ed up, pure and simple.