Texas A&M would be No. 2 in the BCS

This is interesting: http://thecomeback.com/ncaa/former-bcs- … um=twitter

It ranks the teams now based on the formula used for the BCS. It also illustrates just how little the eye test factored into the BCS. Wake Forest would be ranked ahead of Alabama and Ohio State this week.

Not quite, Matt. This is just one of the BCS computers, the Colley Matrix (which was often an outlier among the BCS nerds). A couple of the old BCS computer ratings (Wolfe and Anderson-Hester) haven’t even done their first numbers of the season yet, so a BCS simulation is not possible. AH will come out probably after our Bama game, Wolfe after Florida.

We’re 24th on Colley’s list this week, BTW. Massey has us #15, Sagarin has us #26, and Billingsley hasn’t done this week’s list yet.