Texas A+M will try to run the ball and dominate us

After watching how A+M ran the ball so well against Florida in that 2nd half, I think they will try to do the same against us. Can we stop them? The Aggies looked very impressive that 2nd half when they just ran the football against the Gators. Do we have the manpower to stop a physical running attack? A+M matches up pretty well…their offense against our defense…

I think it will be a physical game for our defense. I guess we will see if Barry Odom has any more pixie dust in his jar. If Odom can stop the Aggies, and we can win…he may get his face chiseled into one of those rocky cliffs along I-49.


Well Ive been waiting for Arkansas defense to collapse and keep waiting for it to happen but they haven’t - vs UGA its wasn’t a collapse it simply was lack of horses and those horses never gave up!

I think I’m suffering form “Pavlovas Dog syndrome” after so many years of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and lack of preparation, “Grit” and “Heart” I just expect them to lose

I’m seeing an Old School Razorback renaissance and I couldn’t be happier

I jsut have to think these Razorbacks will adjust to what Tex A&M is doing - the amount of adjustment to the offensive weapons they have faced is amazing

One thing for sure I’m enjoying this time - maybe because after it being so bad for so long - this is refreshing

Win or Loose (and I so hope the Razorbacks beat Tex A&M) if these Razorbacks fight to the end I will be happy

Razorback Football is fun again - I’m enjoying it

BTW: the Offence - has struggles and in one of these games I think they break out - I’m hoping the Tex A&M game is the Razorback Offensive break out

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TAM will have the best OL we’ve seen and we will to have 7 in the box to hopefully stop them from dominating us on the ground, they are experienced and play very well together, we have our hands full.

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They have a balanced offense; we’ve been good against more one-dimentional offenses. It’ll be a tough game on the road.

But, it’s another game whereby we need to limit the number of big plays (expecially long TDs). Do that, and we’ll stand a good chance in the 4th quarter.

Better than the Georgia oline? I agree they will run right at us and that will be the key to this game. Stop the run on first and second down make them have to throw in long yardage situations. Our offense should be 100% with Boyd having another week and Burks also. 2-3 plays could have been TDs last week. You know if we know that Odom is well aware that they will try and bully us with their RBs and oline. I don’t think they have a better line that Georgia but they are impressive.

Remember, this year’s Florida defense is not the Florida’s defense of years past. They are ranked the 72nd defense out of 77 in the country.

Not only run the ball, but I’m concerned about their TE too. Have we played a team that uses the TE as much as A&M does?

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Yes I think they are little better than GA OL because they are more experienced and move together better , GA has 3 new starters on the OL and are still working on chemistry.

Well, OM TE was averaging 20+ yards/catch, I’m not sure he caught a pass.

A&M better have a good OL, because we suddenly have a good DL. and LB. and secondary. Hard to believe that I’m typing this and not laughing out loud or attaching a sarcasm emoji!

I’m about to go re-watch the Ole Mrs game. I just can’t get enough of watching us play with heart. after a 5 year lack of it.



How well our defense plays will be a direct correlation of how long our offense can stay on the field. We are better on defense than we have been but we need some time to catch our breath especially if A&M is grinding out long drives. Our defense will need to win the turnover stat again to stay in the hunt, I do have confidence that Odom will have us ready to play. WPS

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Today, I feel TAMU has a better offense than UGA had opening week. That offense took it to us in the second half. But, our O is better now, too.

I’m happy to see us have a chance to play 4 D-line instead of 3 I feel good about this matchup and Catalon and Foucha should be drooling at the opportunity

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I can relate to what you’re saying, Holden. I’ve watched the OM replay twice now, and I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. The transformation I thought would take 4 years seems to have happened in 4 games, and I’m treasuring every second of it! Go Hogs!


He didn’t. And one of the passes they tried to the other TE was picked by Hudson Clark.

I trust Odom and the defensive unit have plenty of time during this 2 weeks to thoroughly study aTm game film. Preparation and more healthy players to utilize we should be fine.
Mond is the one I’m more concerned about when he takes off, even though he has tried to become more of pocket passer lately. But he is still dangerous on the run.

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Stating the obvious here but Boyd and Smith need a big game!


I feel like they didn’t take it to us until the defense became exhausted. I agree with the guys above who says we have to move the ball and not leave our defense on the field forever.

His running has killed us the last two years. Or it sure seems like it.

Our offense was inept in the Ga game. They couldn’t sustain drives, (Georgia’s defense had a lot to do with that), and our defense was gassed midway thru the 3rd qtr.
offense has performed better the last 3 games and our defense has been able to weather the storm.
If our offense can’t sustain drives and score, it could be a long day for the defense. aTm has looked pretty strong offensively. If our defense can stay rested, it could be a long day for aTm!