Texas A&M vs Hogs on the surface.

On the surface, this looks to be a very close contest with A&M having a slight edge. Forget that. I just can’t see CBB losing to this team this time. He has gotten over the hump on a few issues that have haunted the team in the past 3 seasons and I see him doing the same here. Hogs by 14.

I can see why Texas A&M is favored, but I also see a lot of reasons the Hogs can win. I covered a lot of those in the keys to victory. I have a good feeling about this one.

Last night I went over to one of the Aggie message boards just to look around. Seems they think they are going to win and it will not be much of problem. I think their version of our Clay Henry is telling them last night 38-16 Ags. I sure their guy is wrong. The site I went to was something like tamu247. I could almost everything on there.

Reading between the lines Coach B seems to have a chip on his shoulder over “not earning it”

Watch out he’s about to correct it

And this team could leave Texas for the 2nd time sky high

In the words of the team’s mantra: Why not us? Why not now?

I think aTm is still basking in the glory of beating UCLA, a MEH sort of team this year. Beating Aub at Aub doesn’t carry the same weight as it did a few years ago and their defense stinks now. But give aTm credit they accomplished their mission.

They have pulled out wins against us after being soundly beaten for 3 quarters in the last 2 games. They should feel very confident for tomorrow, very, very confident.

Just where we want them.

I know it’s really early in the game, but SMU is making TCU look very MEH right now

Anything is possible, and who knows - Us, TCU, aTm, UCLA could all be MEH at this point.

Completely agree. Other than Bama against USCw and Louisville against FSU (although I believe FSU is VERY MEH), I haven’t seen anything but Meh so far

Yep and I think Clemson could be in that MEH category as well. Lots of others too. Season still young though.
Hate to say it, but Louisville probably for real.

http://www.foxsports.com/whatifsports/c … k-4-091916


not sure about the weather factor, nor could the programmers be.