Texas A&M game thread

Love the wild hog, resurrection.

Truth be told, when we got the false start on the goal line I said “good”. Being on the 6 gave us a lot more offensive options one of which we saw.

Thought the same thing



That looked familiar.

There’s a big play.

Can’t lose sight of the best player on either team. Best player in the building.

How many times can we blow coverage. We’d been playing well on D & all of a sudden the old bugaboo comes back to haunt us.

I wonder who blew their assignment. It looked like they got sucked into the QB scrambling.

So much for no big plays

Yes, this.

Bad offensive series.

That offensive possession was, well…offensive

I don’t know that this team can afford to throw on first down because if we don’t complete it, the series is shot. We get behind the sticks, we can’t overcome that.

Looks like Clary and the right side of that line are really struggling with the big boys of the SEC.

A lot different from TCU, they are big and fast.

Need to get a stop

Nice blitz!

Hmmmm, a blitz worked, go figure

Great stop/ Good defensive series.