Texas A&M game thread

Surprised there were as many tailgaters as there were outside the stadium. Not that full inside with 15 minutes till, but you’d expect that with the early kick

AM won the toss an deferred

And we elected to kick to them???


Can I be the first to say that I do not like the Ohio State uniforms. I appreciate Jerry, but…

About as easy a targeting call as you’re gonna get.

Yep, and I agree with Beached about the unis, my son just asked, Why you watching Ohio State.

I wouldn’t want them full time but I like them for this game.

For you that have been calling for the Wild Hog…there ya go.

I really like the uniforms.
I really like how we have come out.

Looking good so far. Now, inside the 5

I haven’t seen anyone calling for the Wild Hog. I’d definitely say we put the bye week to good use putting in some wrinkles.

And a flea flicker

Not first-and-goal from the 1. NOOOOOO!!!

Why not run to the corners, we seem to be quicker


J-Red looks more like himself, so does AA.

That was a beautiful throw and catch

Punch the dang thing in!!!
Penalty !!! Here we go

First series looked good, let’s keep it going.


Glad we scored, but we still struggled to run it inside the five again.