Texas A&M game rescheduled for March 6

I may be wrong here but quite honestly the Commish needs to tell them to shut it down and see you in the fall. There is clearly a lack of institutional control as it pertains to COVID. The SEC and NCAA Tourney is just around the corner. Does the SEC want to possibly risk other teams that are expected to make the dance or possibly put them at a disadvantage by having a short bench because the got exposed by playing the Aggies? Yes, I know it can happen at any time to us or another team but my point is that it is out of control in College Station and that concerns me and should the SEC as well.

As someone already stated…something smells very fishy here!

I just wonder what’s to be accomplished playing this game on March 6th or anytime at this point. They have missed 8 consecutive games and 1 makeup game isn’t going to do nothing for them or AR win or lose.

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Like I said before, the SEC needs to make A&M forfeit all the games they missed in February. Give every team that they screwed with their negligence a “W.” In our case, 2. Opt them out of the rest of the season and move on. I have no idea why the SEC is putting up with this clown show in College Station.

Everyone one in the SEC will be watching them like a hawk I would think. If we don’t feel comfortable playing the game, we should just wait until they get ready to board their plane, and then inform them of our decision to not play them

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I think they just decided they left that Saturday open for makeup games and they’re going to use it. The other thing it might accomplish is that if Bama loses out, we can catch them and win the conference title, at 13-4 to their 13-5. Unlikely, but you never know. People lose in Starkville occasionally (our NC team did), then the rivalry game with the Bagmen and at Georgia.

I’m glad we get to play this game against A@M. It’s a make up game. Play it and get the W and continue to improve.

Hope the win is all we get.

I would rather see the hogs play Tennessee and get to beat them! Playing Texas A&M makes no sense. What would be the logical reason to play them. Is when they basically hosed us 2 times. Pack me up and keep them in college station.

The only games we missed were with A&M. It makes more sense to play one of those than to add somebody else.

We’ve had our fair share of games against the top one third of the conference lately, it’s our turn to get some with the lower third. Plus A&M is the game we missed. I’m just glad the conference did the right thing and put it at Fayetteville instead of College Station

Yes I know that!

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