Texas A&M game rescheduled for March 6

The game is scheduled to be played in Fayetteville.

Anybody up for a 21-5 regular season?

I’m with you Swine! And how about a double bye in the SEC Tournament? Who’d a thunk it a month ago? WPS!!

Only thing if we should happen to end up tied with ala on total conference loses ala will win the conference, they will have played one for game

Bummer is at Moo U, gets the Bagmen at home and finishes at Georgia (the Dawgs are up and down but have some nice wins at home, including LSU, Kentucky and Misery). Nothing we can do about the schedule or the ability to make up games. If we go 13-4 that’s all we can do. I suspect they’ll win at Stankvomit and take care of things, but if not, who knows?

I think that means they are rescheduling home game with Aggies but not the away game. That is great news.

Whats the likelihood of this game even happening? AM hasn’t played in weeks have they? It’s game this weekend is postponed at this point.

Aggies haven’t played a game in February. It will not surprise me if they don’t play again. If they’re gonna opt out, opt out and be honest about it.

I thought the samething

This is a waste of time. Just a drill Texas A&M will get this one postponed too! I have little to no faith in the game happening.

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Not going to hold my breath on this happening.

Should get Muss CoY.

At least our hogs won’t be getting loaded a bus or headed to the airport when this one gets cancelled. It won’t be postponed! 2 games that should have already been played.

It could still get cancelled at the last minute however

The Aggies will get tested on the 4th and get the results back on Friday the 5th, so that’s when we’ll know if its going to be played.

Got a question for anyone that might know.

Lets say early on in a season you opt out of the entire season, do you lose out financially when it comes share time to split that seasons earnings? Or do you still get the same share regardless.

Just me trying to spitball a reason why TAM would be doing what they are doing. I just cannot believe COVID problems last that long and keep dragging it out. Just have a feeling TAM wanted to OPT OUT but for some reason didn’t want to come out and say it so they are doing it one game at a time.

Was there record looking so grim they thought we can just opt out until the tourney and take a shot there with fresh players. If they OPT OUT on the season they can’t go to the tourney (can they?), but I’m guessing by going 1 game at a time they are still tourney eligible.

Something just smells fishy with the whole TAM fiasco.

Very very fishy

I’m not holding my breath.

Oh blech! Don’t bring that infested program to BWA. SEC should’ve given Arkansas a home game with Tennessee instead. Would’ve been a nice Top 25 matchup before SEC tourney.

“Infested program” LOL! Maybe our 4000 in attendence should chant and hold up signs that say UNCLEAN when the Aggies take the court.