TEXAS A&M Excuse this year?

So what is the excuse this year for the Lady Razorbacks to beat them in the tourney today?

Jeff H.

In post game, Gary Blair said A & M shooter was hit on the wrist on the last shot. Nobody else saw that.

Their starting post player went out with ankle injury in first half

But I care about none of their excuses

You blow a 17 point lead you shouldn’t t cry

They were Lady Razorbacks when Blair coached them. They are just Razorbacks now.

It was a fun game to watch. Extremely fun.

The future looks bright for our Lady Razorbacks, great win and would love to see a upset tomorrow!! WPS

Clay, it is hard to break old habits! I always refer to the women’s team as Lady “nickname”


The main thing is we can call them winners!

I’ve been attending Lady Razorback basketball games long enough that I feel comfortable in my Lady Razorback hat and shirts. GHG!

Running into a freight train today though.

Aggies were down a couple of players. Pending trans-gender legislation , the 12th man is inelgible to play women’s basketball. That’s their excuse and they’re sticking to it.

It did look like that but that has happened to our men’s team at least a couple of times. Refs are just not going to call that on the last shot, unless it is a clear foul.

Ciiera Johnson is a double double machine. Sure losing her cost them.

You and SF must be cousins…he’s always trotting out that "reminder’.

We know…we know.

It’s just that, if you say “what are the Aggie excuses” on a weekend when both the men and women play A&M, there needs to be some kind of qualifier to make it clear which game/team you are talking about. All of us here know who it is when you say “Ladybacks” or “Lady Razorbacks”, even if it is no longer technically their name. No disrespect in using their former name.

Kind of like some get upset if referring to the Razorbacks as the “Porkers”…we all know who we are talking about. No need for a “reminder”.

Excuses are the same as aholes, everybody has one and they all stink.
Great game girls.


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