Texas A&M Defense Sucks

Hopefully Chavis is not “best defensive coordinator in country”.

They are not good and his defenses have been average at best at A&M and gotten worse each year. Clay puts the blame on the team culture fostered by Sumlin. Hope that’s it, but I’m not so sure.

Chavis with Steve Caldwell will do just fine at Arkansas. They will find defensive players that will work in the SEC. This would be good.

I’m confused on how giving up 646yds to Wake Forest is Kevin Sumlin’s fault?

Article: https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/arkan … belk-bowl/

It’s interesting how some folks are getting positioned to whine for the next few years.

John Chavis’ defense has given up 1240+ yards in the last 8 quarters.

That doesn’t instill confidence, doesn’t mean I won’t support him.

To clarify I’m not saying it is Sumlin’s fault … Clay is suggesting it’s due to the culture in College Ststion that’s to blame.


Appears to be pretty simple these young men are not playing to win or for each other they have the " I " syndrome. Nothing you say or teach a kid can change the overall attitude of the individual or team. Also Watts did not play in the bowl game. He’s a difference maker in the middle.
Hog fans need to support the staff that’s assembled and cheer for our Hogs. Nothing else matters.

Gotcha…make sense

Well, Chavis is playing two true freshmen who were low three-stars (lowest in AM’s class) last year. It would be the same as us starting Silas Robinson on the O-Line next year. Not giving Chavis an excuse or calling one of our new guys bad, just simply pointing out a fact. Take it for what it’s worth.

I’m pretty sure the coaching staff at A&M was focused on signing offensive players, not defensive players. He is coaching with what he has…

This. Great hires for us. I continue to get more excited about our coaching hire and the staff he is assembling.

And he has benefitted from great recruiting and elite players.

But he knows the SEC.

Why didn’t he want to coach at UA in his prime?

Because he didn’t need a retirement plan then.