Texas A&M @ Arkansas

So much for Carter shooting 19% from 3 leading into the game she came out hot! Dungee came out slow and cold from the field. Hogs down at the half 44-32. Dungee has 4 points! The 10 point first quarter hurt the hogs.

We’ve made a third quarter run but haven’t quite gotten over the hump yet.

They made it a game and missed 2 point blank shots at the rim. One by Tolfree with a little over a minute left and one by Dungee with about 50 seconds. The turnover commited by the freshmen was huge as well. The refs failed to call a foul when Dungee went to the hole on a made bucket. They had their chances but they dug themselves a hole early! There’s still some time but they will need a lot of luck now.

The hogs need Mason to come back and get in game shape. The game was over when Rameriz took the wild 3 and it was an air ball! Just too many mistakes coming down the stretch.
Slow start and just couldn’t over come it.

A&M killed us on the offensive boards and got 16 second chance points to our 8. Won by 7. There might be a connection there… Crowd was 4200-something according to TV people, not bad for a Thursday night.

Swine you are right about the offensive rebounds and second chance points!
Falling behind early and fighting back is tough against anyone but especially hard against a good experienced team like A&M. This loss might motivate the women to play harder and be more aggressive on the floor.
The 2 missed point blank shots, the turnover and the wild 3 might be enough on tape for the young hogs to look at on tape and focus! They played their rear ends off making that come back.

Ladies were playing slow defensiviely in the first half and it cost them.


The Aggie loss will help the Hogs in the long run. A lot of good teaching points and lessons learned. Expect a strong bounce back.


Certainly we had a chance. The aTm inside players certainly dominated the offensive glass many times. We missed shot we normally make. We will get better.

Key to the game was Arkansas did not get to the foul line. A&M defended the paint without fouling. Size was the difference. The two post players did not foul on Dungee’s drive. Arkansas shot 13 free throws. They average twice that.

The game was billed as the “inside game” of the Aggies vs “outside game” of the Hogs. And it turned out to be just that.

In addition to the bigs Johnson and Jones, Aggies’ Chennedy Carter made a big impact on the game. She missed the SECT game last year that Arkansas won and was ready for the revenge from the get go and make up for her absence. Also the Aggie PG Washington was quite impressive in the calm way she controlled the tempo of the game.

I thought Williams and Thomas battled Johnson and Jones well. Prevented a lot of easy baskets, but couldn’t stop the rebounds and put backs of the misses. That was the game right there.

Arkansas’ McDonalds AA Amber Ramirez needs to assert herself in big games. Don’t know if she is still trying to find her place on the team. She has been disappearing,

As far as the wild 3 by Ramirez at the end, that happens and will happen again. As we discussed on this board, it happened to St. John’s, it happened to the men’s team at WKU and this. Part of the game. The other team makes you do things you don’t want to do.

Thrilled to see so many following the women’s team.

In the games I’ve seen Ramirez has basically been a bomber. She was 3 of 9 from deep last night but only 1 of 7 inside the arc. Need more production from her than 4 of 16.

I generally like the way they play under Neighbors, but sometimes his emphasis on getting a quick shot leads to a bad shot. One pass and jack it up doesn’t win many games unless you’re shooting lights out or you’re rebounding a high percentage of the misses. Neither one was the case last night. I would expect there will be some teaching points before they play Auburn Sunday afternoon.

He let’s only a couple of players do one pass and shoot. They are his scorers and scorers need to shoot when they are comfortable. I don’t mind that.

Getting to the foul line is a big part of their game. It does two things, gets you unguarded shots and also puts fouls on the other team. It is the great equalizer when there is size problems. But the referees in the SEC don’t always call that.

I thought a big part of the NIT run at home was that Dungee was getting to the foul line when she drove. She finds contact. If the big man stays vertical, the SEC referees don’t often call it. That happened last night with A&M’s two bigs. They defended and were not called for fouls and they controlled the rebounds when Dungee missed. She missed a couple when she was surprised no foul was called.

Those were top officials and that’s how they typcally call a game. Arkansas didn’t hit enough threes to offset the dominance inthe paint by A&M. Arkansas helped on defense inside and that helped the two A&M guards do whatever they wanted without fear of a forward coming to help on defense.

I did think Arkansas got enough open threes. Just didn’t make what they usually do.