Texan perspective of move to SEC

SEC vs. Big 12 according to a Texas friend: "Iowa State has a pretty good team. Tech has had good teams. TCU and Baylor, K State, OSU all have good teams from time to time. There’s usually at least 4 good teams and 6 or 7 of ten go to bowl games - without the SEC ‘gimme’ JV wins in Nov. That’s 60-70% of the conference.

"The SEC? LSU, Bama, Auburn, Georgia and Florida normally have good teams. I don’t count Carolina, Vandy, Ole Miss, State, etc. Ark., Tenn, and Mo. are kind of like K State, Tech, etc. …Sometimes they can be competitive.

“The bottom line is I don’t see much difference in conferences. I think our move to the SEC will help recruiting in our state.”

We need to win Saturday!!!

HDN should have proven to your friend that UA can have some darn good teams.

And Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield, and Petrino. I hope our last 9 years don’t define our program.

BTW, Texas hasn’t been as good as the top 5 SEC teams since it had Vince Young.

Yes, neastarkie. I was pointing out the fact that HDN’s teams beat them twice (in dominating fashion) on TX soil.

Disagree about the Vince Young comment. Texas beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl just 3 or 4 years ago. I hate Texas as much as anyone. But they have been better than Arkansas year in and year out since Petrino left. The Bielema “semi erotic” game was nice and all, but Texas has had significantly better teams over the recent years. I don’t want our recent horrific past to define our team either. But, unfortunately, it has. Just like it kind of happened in basketball once we quit winning after Nolan left. You have to keep winning at a high-level in order to gain and keep respect for Arkansas major sports.

Hey Hawgjaw, are you forgetting about Bielema’s “borderline erotic” bowl win over Texas? We weren’t good, but they were very bad.

Large fan base that is arrogant and biased they cant see their faults because press and commentators keep pumping them for clicks and likes and $$$$

Arkansas - 9 years is eternity for some sports writers and fan basis - Arkansas is building a new legacy - I like our odds to change that negative narrative - like the stat guy another poster commented that laughed “Arkansas isnt that good to beat anyone by that spread” or some such -

Well Arkansas looked slopy but they did something that points to a winner - they didnt fold and they won beating that LV spread - niot sure if it means Arkansas will have 7 or more wins but what we saw was a mentally tough team - Im proud of them

Texas (just Spit) I hope our Hogs Gives them a real SEC welcome and beat them down

Yes gives them The ArKANSAS Razorback Welcome wagon lol

I didn’t say they weren’t better than Arkansas. Almost everyone has been for the last 9 years. Texas almost always is. But whether they beat UGA 3-4 years ago or not, they’ve been below the top 5 SEC teams for a while. Maybe a couple of years here and there since Young, but not much.

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