Tex/Ark game will air

On espnu at 8pm tonight if anyone would like to watch or need to record it for the future.

Easier to just go the ESPN3 anytime within the 7 days since its played and watch the replay and just capture it to digital. Then you can watch it on about any device… forever.

Oh I knw, but some people may not be that savvy like I use to be and go to espnu which most sports watcher have and can just record it and have for long as long as they wish for.

How are you capturing the stream to digital?

First I’m watching it on my desktop computer and most modern graphic cards (currently I’m using an older model NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080) have a ability to capture a stream. Its just a matter of discovering what the capabilities of your graphics card are and using them. For me its as simple as pressing ALT-F9 to toggle it on and off. Now that makes a HUGE file. For example the Texas game recorded in at 52GB, but with a little bit of tinkering with a piece of software called HANDBREAK I squeezed it down to 4.2GB with no real loss.

Now if your graphic card does not allow for that, then there are plenty of free little software programs that can be downloaded that will do it for you. Its just a matter of searching the web to find some good capturing software.

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