Testimony: Sean Miller Pays Player $10,000/Mth

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … onth-ayton

Wished someone would do something about this

Nothing new about this. Arizona has known this for a LONG time!

I bet Arizona gave ole Sean a raise .

The best part is they had a terrible season after paying all this money out…

The money being discussed is from past seasons.

Ayton was on the team two years ago and he was getting 10k a month…what did they win with him?

And you don’t think anyone from last years team got paid? No way they just decided to stop paying guys all of a sudden.

Sounds like Will Wade is in it up to his neck also.
Surprise surprise huh

I wish they would give these sleazy programs the barely alive penalty. Make them play with only 5 scholarship players for a couple of years then gradually add back a couple of more schollies per year if they meet certain standards. That would surely learn em!