Terry Don Phillips....

In an effort to stir debate and add to the drama I’ll throw out Terry Don Phillips as a bridge (for a few years) as AD. He is credited with the hire of Dabo and did a great job at Clemson overall. He’s an Arkansas boy and has been retired a few years. He is also 70 years old and probably would not want this headache.

But I had to throw this out.

Personally I don’t think Long goes. But that is just me.

You can throw his name out, but I doubt anyone bites.

His name was brought up in another thread and both clay and Dudley cited many reasons why this would not work.

Terry Don is retired. Plain and simple. I do not think he’s interested in becoming an AD again. He is very much enjoying retirement.

If I was 70, retired and had enough money that I didn’t have to work, NO WAY I go back to work, much less in such a stressful job as being AD at a P5 school.

If he still wanted to be an AD, I don’t think he would have left Clemson. He had a situation that was set up pretty well.

Should the need arise, I propose Fritz Hill as the new AD. He is the total package of what is needed. A real class act.

not gonna disparage Dr. Hill but Arkansas Baptist College was run by him. Check into that mess for some eye opening things is all I am going to say.

Unfortunately this is spot on - like Fitz but no.

Bill Montgomery …

He is a smart man. I’ve been retired since June 30th and I highly reccomend it.