Terrible performance

I have nothing else to say.
Had the 4th place double bye in their hands. Like Gas says, they can’t stand prosperity.

Amen, you said plenty! WPS

There is a reason Missouri was favored to win. Missouri is probably better. I doubt it’s because they have better talent. I believe SEC coaches know how to play against Anderson’s style of basketball.

I didn’t expect to win, but I was bothered by the way we loss. That is, giving up so many open shots, fouling so much, and letting Missouri get what seemed like 80% of the rebounds. Plus I don’t like that we may be the worst free throw shooting team in the SEC. I don’t think anything other than lack of coaching or poor coaching can explain such a low percentage of made free throws.

There is no reason why Mike can’t adapt and use trapping man as well as other defenses depending on the opponent. Mike could adapt and take us to another level. Mike is a good man but he chooses to use the trapping man with switches that consistently leave bigs on the perimeter and our guards covering bigs in the paint. There was NO reason to use the trapping man against UK, and I think today was almost as bad with the Mizzou inside players strength. The players are running around at a break neck pace, out of position, reacting by using their hands because they out of position.

I like the fast paced style but our style has limitations while other fast paced styles use solid defense and rebounding. I just believe that Mike could create a more diverse or targeted utilization of pressing, trapping man and switches. I also believe that Mike is not good at adapting his scheme for the players on the roster. We do not have the players on the roster this year, last year and one of the Portis years to use this system. I would be perfectly happy if Mike would adapt and take us to the next level. I am not going to accept his choice of style when that can be fixed like he did last year this year (except for UK and this game). We are so much better when we use match up zone for over half the game. His trapping man style fails to be consistent and fails to win the big games unless we shoot lights out to make up for rebounding. I will accept that he has not been able to recruit with the Cheating environment and don’t feel right being critical about that. I just want Mike to adapt and stay in spite of what some on this board to want to twist.

Say whatever you want. We went from a double bye to 4 games in 4 days. And that’s if we can do that. Out rebounded again. Guards had more rebounds than the bigs. Mizzou shot 3’s like layups. Kid comes off the bench and torches us in 29 mins.

No adjustments, and no chance. Got beat by 10. Terrible.

It’s all on MA for not making ANY adjustments in the 2nd half. It’s his responsibility to have these guys ready, and a way to adjust when the gameplan gets exposed.

21-10 isn’t a disaster, but we should be much better with the talent we have.

I don’t think our talent is that great. We get almost zero from the 4, out bench is Always a question mark as you never know what you are getting and we don’t have a true point guard. Add in that our defense isn’t great and 21-10 is really pretty good. It’s never been more than a pretty good team.

You guys are so typical & very predictable. First off this was Mizzou’s senior night. Not many teams are going to go into hostile territory & win on senior night. Just like the best team in this league (Auburn) couldn’t win inside BWA. Next, the officials were crap again. Reminded me of the MSU game earlier in the year. Next, after such an emotional win its hard to come back & win on the road like that. We played poorly. But guys this team is 21-10. Florida & UK have very similar records, which I consider great teams.

And for the 1st time in a while we know we are in the tourney without having to sweat in out on selection Sunday.

Now we have the chance to go improve our seed & win a game or 2 in the SEC tourney.

Not a bad year! We have been so irrelevant for so long & Mike has got us to the NCAAs a lot since he’s been here. And I believe we are only going to get better. One of these years we will get back to the sweet 16 & that is when we will be able to take that next step. Who knows maybe this will finally be that year.

Agreed–alot of the problem with the SEC how road games are called by the refs. I think that is why we get the foul call disparity and road teams rarely win. I havent actually looked at it but think it would be about 90% of the home teams get the advantage in terms of fouls. Yes at times a grow frustrated with our defensive effort and scheme but enjoy watching our style of play. 4 fouls in 51 seconds is very telling and hard for our team regardless of the offensive or defensive style of play almost impossible to overcome. I saw our guys going to the hoop alot and get fouled but no call. That’s life in SEC Basketball and just the way it will be. I celebrate the season this team has put together and the coach and style of defense is frustrating at time but I love Hawgball. We get great effort every night and I dont miss the days of Heath and Pelphrey.

I try to look at it as objectively as I can. My opinion is this a a good but not way above average team. We have holes like most teams outsid of the top 10, and those teams strengths are just better than ours. It’s a fun but sometimes frustrating group. Don’t think that makes everyone else’s post predictable. It’s an opinion.

I’ll tell you what is predictable

This game was predictable

Our seasons are predictable

We will finish somewhere in the 3-6 range in the conference.
We will make the NCAAT more times than not. We will be a mid-seed.
We will advance to the second round with some frequency, depending on matchup.
“One of these years we will make the Sweet SI xteen”. Your quote.
That’s now our ceiling?
And you are ok with that. I get it.
Not my expectations for the program.

Many of us have memories of the 70, 80, and 90s teams that were prestigious and feared. We still have those expectations or hopes.

I agree with this. That is my expectation and hope.

Even after the dark days, this is my expectation and hope.

Mike has done well stabilizing the program.

Mike has done a good job of stabilizing the program. Mike has also chose to use a style of defense that does not fit our roster and depth at guard. His style doesn’t work well against good team UNLESS we are shooting good enough to negate our some of our weak rebounding. I don’t beat Mike up about talent levels because of the cheating, but I can’t tolerate his personal choices in player rotations, scheme, in-game changes, and how long it takes for him to recognize something isn’t working. I would LOVE to see Mike adapt and use a mix of defensive styles that fit the roster or our opponent so that we have a higher potential of winning the big games. We are better off if Mike stays but that will become difficult if he doesn’t adapt his style.

Yeah, because we’ve been to the sweet 16 lately right?!?! And yes our ceiling right now is getting back there! Sorry u don’t like that answer but when u haven’t been relevant in 20 years that should be our next step. And I’m sorry but if your expectations are winning the NCAA title then you have to first get through the sweet 16. Baby steps. We could always go back to the Pelphrey years if that suited you better! You know the years where we are sitting at home while we watch other schools compete in the tourney.