Terrible attendance for Spring Game....

Not a good showing for recruiting…

Winning 6 of the last 26 will do that for a program.

Clearly there are about as many people posting about people not being here as people here. :smiley:

When it finally came on here in Georgia that was my first thought. I wondered if it was bad weather this morning.

I’m of the opinion, and some may disagree and that’s okay by me, that attendance is hurt by more exposure on live streaming and TV. Now people will counter by saying look at Bama or Clemson, they are on TV and still fill the stadium. I’ll say you are right, but consider this… fan is short for fanatic, and the upper echelon teams have pushed their fans to the fanatic level with their monster success so of course if its a choice to make they are in that state which will make them travel to the game be it in ice, rain, sleet, or snow.

On the other hand if you have a team that has had only moderate to poor success, many of those fans may have lost some of that fanatical fever and find it much easier to say…hey I can stay at home and watch it, save some money, be more comfortable and not have the whole day taken up and still get some other things done. That’s the spot I find myself in at the moment. I stayed home and watched the Baseball game and at one point was watching both baseball and spring football game. Didn’t have to worry about the weather, a good seat, driving time, or spending any money… though I did drop some cash on a couple of good steaks I was grilling but that doesn’t really count as I’d do that anyway.

Still I’ve been of the opinion for several years now the overall coverage in most sports hurts the attendance for the non-upper echelon programs. Winning injects that fanatic juice into the blood and they will pack an event, but other than that, numbers will not be what they once were before every single thing that happens gets its time on TV.

When we start winning it will fill up again.

The fact that everyone was told for the past week and a half the weather was going to be terrible today didn’t help either

TV has ruined a lot of things these days.

We use to drive down from central Iowa. We now watch on tv.

ole Miss no better if you saw some of that game.

If you’re planning ahead, hard to think about coming when the weather doesn’t look so good earlier in the week. Especially if you’re four or so more hours away.

The last two seasons don’t help either. Tough times until the winning column improves. Then throw in it being on ESPNU.

All excuses for a bad football program right now and very poor marketing. Go see how many people show up to spring games at schools like OU and Nebraska (losing like us recently). And of course, Bama and Auburn. And remind me, how many people do we now have working in the athletic department? Something like 70? More? How about an occasional “all hands on deck” marketing blitz for a spring game like this? I don’t know what all those people do every day. But if I was HY I’d sure be pissed about yesterday’s attendance. Really small time. Amateurish. And, BTW, there is no solace in the Ole Miss comparisons. Ridiculous.

Marketing had nothing to do with the low attendance. There were ads in newspapers, the local stations mentioned the activities surrounding the game in sports casts, and the university sent out two or three e-mails to ticket buyers and foundation members. They had the usual spring game festival stuff plus tried a new gimmick of a car show.

The weather forecast was lousy(it stormed in a good part of the state while the game was going on) and the game was broadcast, which also holds down attendance. The baseball team was playing on the road, so you did not get the attendance bump from people coming into town for both games. We are coming off an awful year. All those things played into the attendance. They could have spent $100k on TV ads and not had two thousand more people show up.

Acting shocked and outraged and calling the effort by the athletic department “small time” and “amateurish” just shows ignorance of the facts.

They had far more in Little Rock last year for a far worse day. The forecast was for poor weather this time, too. But the rain held off. There were rain pockets all over Northwest Arkansas. I’m sure that was part of the reason for low attendance. All in all, I think playing the game this early in Northwest Arkansas is a recipe for a low crowd. Two weeks later would be a better hit for the weather being resonably warm. But spring weather in Arkansas is a crap shoot when you are making decisions 4-5 months out.

I always get a little bit miffed for those that are not there to complain about attendance hurting recruiting. If you were really worried about that, you would be in the stands and not busting those who lived closer for not going. That just never made any sense to me.

Most spring games are not worth the effort to go. I saw nothing in that game that told me much. I’m a little hard pressed to decide what to write after watching all spring games because there is great effort made by the coaches to make it vanilla – and that means boring. And, I don’t blame them.

The athletic department did spend quite a bit on marketing – probably more than they should. If you think it’s their fault, you are wrong.

As I’ve said since the beginning of my time reporting, winning cures everything. When they get rolling, there will be full stadiums and people worried about losing their seats because they can’t afford the bump in prices from the foundation. Right now, that’s not what’s happening.

The answer lies on the recruiting trails. Win in the living room. That’s where the turning point comes. I believe that’s happening.

Winning Fixes just about everything when it comes to fan participation

no one enjoys watching your favorite team lose or worse give up

Thanks, Clay, for bringing reality to the attendance issue. Weather, TV, and fans not being excited after 6-20 all make sense. As others have said, winning cures everything. Being critical of the Athletic Department is laughable. These people work hard and represent us well. Some people just have to find something to bitch about…

That’s what I was thinking, Clay. The Red-White game has to be worth watching, or people won’t show up. Having a winning program is the most important factor, though. When you’re successful, everybody wants all the team access they can get. They don’t care as much about the event.

You nailed it down tight.

I would guess a large number of attendees at the spring game were family members and friends of the players, particularly the walk-ons and substitutes who won’t see much of the field in the fall. I loved seeing guys get reps who don’t even have their name on the back of their jersey. I wish we would see that more at the end of the 4th quarter when the game score is already decided during the regular season.

I used to attend every practice allowed, but now I have gotten too old to attend anything. Plus it is apparent to most of us that coach will use the game essentially as practice and we’ll never see the “STAR” players during the scrimmage. It would be much more interesting if it was run like a real game as in the past. But there should have been 4-5 thousand fans their at any case. New coach, new players, new offense and defense. GHG!

I am 76 years old and my main concern is to extend my life thru at least 10 more years of Razorback mania. I think we are on our way. Will I make it? HaHa! God bless you all.