Terrell Owens

Turns down invitation for enshriment into the football Hal of fame.
This is what it’s come too! A generation of socially impaired athletes that think they are bigger than the game! Vote to remove his sorry rear end!

That’s a very TO like thing to do, though. I would’ve been more surprised had he gone and had a nice speaker to talk well about him.

Its common knowledge that TO has lost a good portion of his money.
I read in an article that evidently there is a lot of expense involved in
the whole HOF weekend and things that go on around the event. It
also stated that normally the athlete being honored has the tab picked
up by one of his old teams since its so hefty. TO played for a lot of
teams and in standard TO fashion, he burned if not nuked all the
bridges left behind him each time he moved. So the article was saying
no team would be picking up the bill, he’d have to foot it himself unless
he could get some network to pick it up and cover the cost. What better
way to get some media outlet to pick things up than creating a stink
that’s going to generate lots of publicity.

Got no idea if this is true or not, but certainly plausible. Though it
is just as plausible that TO is just being normal TO and letting his
DIVA shine through since he is butt hurt he wasn’t a 1st ballot HOF
selection and had to wait a few years to get in.

If I was the HOF and had someone selected that did something of this
nature, I’d come out and publically revoke his invitation and say that
since its an “honor” to be invited and not a “right” don’t worry about
showing up, you have been denied entry. Maybe someday there will
be a drama queen HOF and you can be honored there, until then may
you drift off into obscurity.

It’s just sad, to me…I feel sorry for the guy for some crazy reason. He did make all the mistakes and do a lot of stupid things. The guy spent his whole life playing football and now he is making another stupid, ridiculous decision to not come to the Hall of Fame ceremony where he would be honored as one of the greatest receivers ever to play. He loved the attention he got, no matter whether it was favorable or unfavorable, which it usually was the latter. Somebody needs to talk him out of that idiotic decision. He will regret it for the rest of his life. He just continues to use horrible judgement. He needs a mentor or somebody to help him get himself on a better path. He is not that old. He can start over.

He was probably doing sit ups when he made the announcement and thinks he should still be playing and not old enough to be inducted into the HOF.

Some people have to wait 40+ years to get inducted into the HOF, TO only had to wait 3.
He may be embarrassed that he can’t afford the trip on his own, and grand stranded it in another direction.