Terrell Gomez update

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Just WOW! 44% on 3s. And, made 94.8% of his free throws to lead the country. Averaged nearly 20 points per game

But, he’s listed at 5’8", so probably shorter. However, does it matter with those numbers? Who’s our really short ex NBA guard on staff? He needs to get in contact, if he can do so legally.

Just a guess, but if his offer from Gonzaga is commitable, he’s probably all but gone.

Video game numbers. He’s fearless too, doesn’t seems to have issues getting his shot off and has Al Dillard range.

Last two seasons:
FT 216-237 91%
3PT 228-531 43%

I have not seen the transfer point guard play that led to Jalen Harris transferring (so I can’t assess our need here) but this kid is amazing and would be a huge addition to the team.

He seems to have come a very long way from being a 2-star recruit in 2016. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/189263/terrell-gomez

What transfer PG are you referring to? Notae? Muss is on record saying that they will use him at SG.

Gomez didn’t play PG for Cal St Northridge, he was their shooting guard. In fact, he was 4th among the starters on their team in assists. They have a soph PG who has started the last 2 years for them, averaging 4.5 assists a game. I’m guessing if we are interested in him it would be in a similar role that Nolan had for Al Dillard. On defense, he may guard the opponents PG if he’s their shortest player. Of course, if both Jones and Joe depart for the draft, he would have a bigger role than Al had.

My assumption was that, despite Whitt graduating and Jones going pro, Harris did not see himself playing any more of a role next year than this year because of Notae’s play in practice. Are the incoming freshmen guards so good that a fifth year Senior guard would feel he needs to get away from them and go to Georgetown to get more playing time?

Yes, they are.

Earl Boykins role model, or emulation target at the least

Guy is short obviously but man can he shoot the cover off the ball. Instant offense in Al Dillard mode.

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Very quick release! Wouldn’t mind getting him. I’m with Muss! ghg

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