Tennessee's turn now

TN, the nation’s #6 team, down 26 in the 2nd half to unranked Florida. They look totally inept in this game?? 2020/21 season!!

Yea, just watching this. It’s their turn to be Arkansas tonight. Maybe we’ve got it out our system and can peak in about 6 weeks.

Looks like Barnes should have got some of those Happy Meals, like Tenner’s football got🙂

Found this really interesting. Sometimes the shots just don’t fall. The ShotQuality website is unique and worth checking out.

Cool site. What’s makes this game even less common is it was at TN. Usually this happens on road games.

The game was at Florida, Harley.

Brain fart. I had just just left the thread on Bama/LSU game where it involved a 30 point road win.

This may or may not be true, but it seems there are more blowouts across the country this season.

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