Tennessee's Tony Vitello suspended

At least Tony didn’t bring a gun to someone that ended up in a death….


I’m reminded of the confrontation between TV and DVH, allegedly over a recruiting issue.


involves a transfer from Kansas…apparently possible tampering according to something on ESPN earlier today

Oh are we playing the game of relativity. So fun… Like flying planes in buildings. He didn’t do that either. You know what else he didn’t do? Follow the rules like DVH.

This might sound like a joke, but I don’t mean it to be.

What exactly is tampering in the age of NIL? I saw the other thread on NCAA violations, but if we’re paying these kids money in an open market, tampering seems more like fielding offers.

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And chest bumping umpire lead to 4 game suspension.

Third suspension for him since he climbed Rocky Top. He’s not special and shouldn’t expect to be treated that way.


Calm down. Sarcasm buddy.


He’s trying to keep up.

Tony Crybaby

You have to love the TN AD release. Interpreted: “The coach got caught cheating again but promises to not be so stupid in the future”. “Not so stupid” means he intends to not get caught the next time.


the more crap that Vitello pulls…the more i’m against him coming back here as VanHorn’s replacement when Coach retires…our program doesn’t need someone like him in control…just my opinion


I don’t think he would leave UT unless he was forced out. I live here surrounded by orange…

definitely the player in question and has been since his arrival in Knoxville via Tony V special recruiting

I guess you have read on the same site you grabbed the posted article from that there is growing speculation that “villain/hero” Tim Corbin turned CTV in for tampering. Interesting.

How would Corbin know if Tony tampered on Ahuna unless he was trying to tamper too and Tony got there first?

Normally tampering accusations are made by the school that is losing the kid, which is the Prairie Chickens in this case.

Message board speculation and biases are rampant on all of them. Maybe we all wait until some facts are published, huh?

nice little summary about publically known issues/?facts?