Tennessee's really bad week

As Razorback fans we’ve certainly had our share of despair. Today however, I am really thankful that I do not bleed puke orange. Basketball was supposed to be the Vols refuge from the storm after the football happy meal scandal exploded. Some refuge after being drubbed in the swamp and beaten at home by Missery. Yep, gloom depair and agony on Vol Nation. Just breaks my little heart.

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Most teams have a midwinter slump. Eddie’s teams almost always had a 3-4 game stretch where they played poorly. The Final Four team featuring the “Triplets” played consistently. Only Nolan’s best teams did not go through a bad spell and even they would often lose to an inferior Kentucky team in the SEC tournament.

Muss has had bad stretches, primarily due to injuries to key players, 2 years in a row.

Stuff happens.

No doubt. A week ago it was us gnashing our teeth and thinking all was lost. But at least we weren’t dealing with catastrophic news about our football program while we went through the basketball funk.

Tennessee isn’t a great offensive team. Losing Springer’s scoring was just enough to put them underwater against some of the better teams, no matter how well they defend.

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