Is beating the bulldog crap out of MS State 27-2, bottom of 9.

Yeah, but Miss State gets the last at bat. Bat around 3 times and they’ve got a chance :rofl::rofl:

Bulldogs have gone fishing.


Yeah. I think Miss State has hung up their cleats for the season. They’re not going to Hoover and not going to the NCAA. Hard to believe of the defending CWS champ

I have a friend here in Tennessee that’s a big time Vol fan. All sports. Several years ago he married a big time Miss State fan. He texted me today that they were going to the game today. I advised him to keep his mouth shut whatever happens. Hope he listened to me.

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LSU is making Vandy pitching staff look like a high school staff 12-2 they’ve got 5 bombs. Have held Bradfield hitless. All this in Vandy

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the worst team in the SEC – the Moo U Leghumpers!

Texas am 8 Ole Miss 5 bottom of the 8th but have two men on

I missed it, how did Miss St get the safety? :sunglasses:

Texas A&M it’s back to back home runs in the top of the 9 th and the little scumbag who hit the Home Run evidently started Mouthing off and the second baseman from Ole Miss started running toward him before he stopped did the umpires offered warnings and then of course the next pitch went into the next batter’s ribs LOL I love it. I’m sure these next two days are going to be testy!!

Another example of those “unwritten rules of baseball”…

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