With the loss at home today, the game at Tennessee is vital. We win that one, and I think we can, then we will finally be ranked, but also move up considerably in tournament seeding. Winning an away game against a top 10 team will skyrocket this team.

We have zero shot of winning at TN. I am just hoping this thing doesn’t snowball on us if things don’t go well at TN. Georgia should be a win over the next 5 games but that is about as far as I would go right now after today.

To each their own, but our style of play compared to theirs works in our favor. Tennessee is a legit top 10 defensive team, but if we spread them out like I know we can, we’ve got faster guards that can create havoc for them.

You’re a lot more positive than Muss. He was borderline apoplectic in the postgame PC and definitely didn’t sound like a coach who thought they had much of a chance at Tennessee under the circumstances.

He was apologetic because he addressed missed layups and playing crap defense. I would like to think that he’ll have that addressed and come up with a different strategy for Tennessee. Call me crazy but starting Ethan Henderson might not be a bad idea to start at center next Wednesday.

Apoplectic…well played.

It will be U.G.L.Y Tues.Mizzou defense not in the same world as Tenn.

Not sure about that. Cuonzo’s teams are known fior defense and they’ve been good this year except for the 1 curb stomping they took.

But, I do think it will be rough unless the team shows up ready to play. As constructed they don’t have many guys that can go get their own shots, so, if the 3s aren’t falling, it can be gross.

And the problem is that some of their shooters are defensive liabilities (KK and Jaylin) the guy making things happen defensively (Devo) is very limited offensively and another one (Desi) sometimes can’t throw it in the ocean.

I would, too. This is what he said when teed up with a softball ? to say that he was confident they would bounce back:

TN is more talented, tought and has real SEC experience proven in battle. We will be lucky to play close which to me is 20 points. TN stands alone in the league, they top our 4 stars with their 5 stars plus we got nothing for Pons on D or offense. Someone has not watched that team close to think we are currently playing good enough to beat them. Barnes needs to be broken of his predeliction for orange, too bad because he is a great compliment to his team and handles them well. They have all the components in place found on many of our championship teams. They will defend their rank and roost, we are lackign a step up leader and toughness as of today.

Tennessee, at this time with 8:47 in the 2nd, is nine points behind Alabama at Tennessee, FWIW. Tennessee may ultimately win, but this shows Bama can muster up a good game also.

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He said it’s same feeling he had when Isaiah Joe was out.

Bama takes down mighty Tenn and they play uptempo like us so we have a night like at Auburn we have a chance, Bama really athletic thoug, not sure we can attack the rack the way they did

Every year Bama has a spectacular road win or two and promptly lose the next home game. Wonder if that will change under the new coaching regime.

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