Per Clay Travis of OKTC, University of Tennessee (Knoxville for Wally) AD John Currie made an offer to Purdue’s Jeff Brohm that Brohm accepted. Currie then asked the UT Chancellor to approve the offer which included a large buyout and the Chancellor said no. So Currie went back to Brohm with a lesser offer and Brohm said no. UT is certainly winning at horseshoes where close counts.

Many at UT think it’s Gruden. Any other name and it’ll be no. The AD is toast

It’s bad here in Tennessee. If the report about the latest fiasco is true there is no way Currie survives. Monday night here in Chattanooga at the WWE Raw show the crowd chanted Fire Currie throughout parts of the show.

Wow… :shock: :shock:

They should call Jeff Long, 1000% improvement, knows SEC, respected,

From Lafayette just updated…nothing on the aforementioned but they don’t expect him to leave.

http://www.jconline.com/story/sports/co … 905152001/