Tennessee will allow full capacity this weekend

Seems to be a common theme being the #1 team. Everyone else needs every advantage.

Maybe the NCAA will take the hint and allow schools to sell out NCAA Tournament games.

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I think our guys thrive in that

It’s the way it’s supposed to be. I bet it’s pretty full in Baum for Florida. It’s nice to see big crowds again.


Yes, so why not us to?! You go to a game and people at the concession stand are side by side packed anyways.

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Here is the funny thing about capacity at Baum and capacity at Lindsey Nelson Park – it’s about one third the size at capacity.


we have played in front 11,000 at Ms st and OM,will not bother us, but they do have a very involved crowd.

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I hope they get on to Robert Moore. He seemed to enjoy that at South Carolina.


I agree with Clay, we need to get back to full capacity across the board.
It also implies monies seem to be more important than health risks.

Heck yeah, sell out Baum for UF.

The only people that will get offended are those that get offended about everything.

Would love to see us sweep.

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