Tennessee vs Texas Tech

TT making Chandler look very ordinary He looks very frustrated

chandler has 2 points at halftime TT defense looks great

There are now less than 6 minutes remaining. Neither team has made a field goal since the 11:53 mark. Tech still leads by 2. They could build a new MSG with all the bricks that are being laid.

And Chandler has 6 points and 5 turnovers.

Oh this just keeps getting better. EOE is 2-29 from three. They have THREE baskets in the entire second half. And Tech just airballed a freethrow.

2-29 on three pointers for Tenn and still down just two points.

Finally a TT dunk after 8 basketless minutes.

And it’s not that the defense has been stifling. Tennessee has had a ton of open shots. TT is doing a good job on the defensive glass though. Tech is shooting 32% and winning; EOE is at 25.9%. Beachball, meet ocean. Or not.

Tennessee finally hits a 3 after 10 minutes without a basket. Tied at 41-41 inside the last two minutes.

Tenn finished 6-40 from the 3-pt line

Worst shooting performance I’ve seen in a long, long time

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