Tennessee Tech just got a three-run jack

Up 7-0 on Ole Miss.

I’m sure Texas is rooting for the guys in purple to get the super in Asstin, but be careful what you ask for. TTU might bludgeon the Fallopians too.

Keep in mind that the way the bracket’s set up, we’d get Texass in the first game in Omaha if they come out of that super. Or TTU.

I want the SEC to do well, but I have a hard time wanting OM to win. I’d just as soon they never get to Omaha. I feel about OM about like I do LSU. However, with a 7-0 lead, it looks like TTU is about to secure an extra game.

TT is very legit what has surprised me is the quality of arms they have,very impressive team.

I don’t understand how some of these schools can put together such great teams. Obviously the major conferences can recruit, but how does a Tenn Tech cobble together this kind of team? For that matter, how does Dallas Baptist or Coastal Carolina?

10-0 now getting boatraced!

Predicting how an 18-year-old is going to develop is a crapshoot. We all expected Kjerstad to be very good, and he is. Nobody expected Casey Martin to be what he has become. TTU has led the nation in homers the last two years, so he’s obviously been able to get power hitters to come to that bandbox in Cookeville with the promise of big numbers.

TTU is now up 10-0.

the 11.7 scholarships is why you can get great teams at places like TT and Stetson there are so many great baseball players across the country and so few scholarships and the big schools get the ones they think are best but so many others will take what they can get.

Then this game’s over. OM just needs to ride their pitcher as long as they can & have some ready for the nightcap. TTU can probably do the same this late in the game.

I think Bianco is going to scrape the bottom of his pitching barrel to get through this game and save some of his better arms for game two. Since Brady Feigl left early yesterday, I’m wondering if he might be available for an inning or two.

UNCW just hit a 2 run HR and trails S. Carolina 4-3 in the bottom of the sixth.