Tennessee Stadium

Is pathetic. They have a good team but the stadium looks like 1960. If TN gets to host which I would bet they would will the attendance of 50% be allowed of their full capacity of 4285 or what is it based on?


That’s what NCAA is allowing

Unless they change their mind

My Tennessee friends are very upset about the stadium. I’ve not been there in at least 7 years but it was an embarrassment then.

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They’ve been paying off ex football and basketball coaches the last few years and they just got rid of Fat Phil as AD there was no money to spend on minor sports like baseball!

Honestly, Tennessee’s stadium is as good or better than about 80% of the stadiums in college baseball. It is toward the bottom of the SEC, but it would be a top stadium in most other conferences. I have been to a lot of college stadiums. A lot are old and outdated. It is a sport that is popular in a handful of areas, but an afterthought in a lot of areas, too.

Tennessee began a fundraiser for stadium renovations a couple of years ago, around the time Tony was hired. The plan I’ve heard is to put about $12 million worth of renovations into the stadium.

It puts Tony in a recruiting disadvantage being near the bottom of the SEC. 12 million won’t bring it up a ton. TN is in a financial bind as mentioned. Hate that for them… :wink:


Does the scoreboard work properly and reliably?

I see what you did there :man_facepalming::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s why he probably will be wooed away by LSU or some similar program in the next couple of years. Realities of life playing against and competing with the Big Boys…too bad for Tennessee, but that’s their problem, not ours.

Yep. TN is just not one of the elite baseball programs in the SEC.

I wonder if DVH will hang them up in the next few years if he wins a CWS? I would love to have Tony succeed Van Horn.

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Me too, but I’d like DVH to stay another 10-15 years and win several CWS championships


DVH is 60 and certainly hasn’t lost any of his fire, or his ability to recruit and develop players. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s around for another 10 years or so.


Speaking of another Tennessee stadium, I just noticed that 2021 is the 100th anniversary for Neyland Stadium, which was originally built with 3,200 seats and has been expanded no less than 11 times. Bama and Georgia built their stadiums in the late 1920s so they’re cruising up on the centennial. RRS won’t get there for another 17 years.

I’d like to think that Bobby Wernes would be the next coach for Arkansas. That would mean that we would have DVH for many more years.


Let’s not underestimate gashog…he’s a dark horse candidate…

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