Tennessee LB's

Are those LB’s from Memphis who disrespected us on their visit here and on social media that committed to Tennessee going to play?

There appear to be no freshmen on the LB depth chart for EOE-K.

Darn, I want to see an Olinemen plant them in the dirt at least once.

One of those kids was French. Apparently he’s not played a down on defense or special teams this year.

That kind of behavior, in general, is not compatible with the hard work and dedication it takes to play college football. Unless you have spectacular physical abilities.

So they either need to really grow up and mature, or else we’ll never see them on a football field.

Let’s hope, for their parents’ sake, that they grow up. That was a very bad look.


Also note that Tennessee has a history of taking kids with issues. There is a long list…

One thing Bret got right was when he said you recruit your own problems. Of course, what he failed to realize is that if you don’t recruit the right types (speed comes to mind), you will also have very big problems.

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