Tennessee is an embarrassment...

They play like a division 2 school.

They may win the East. Likely 5th in the West.

The same TN that took aTm to double OT? How’d we do against aTm again?

Bama is just a different beast this year. I bet they beat aTm by at least 17 pts

WOW!!! We’ve been complaining about our game with Bama. We looked like world beaters compared to TN. 11 min left and Bama has 520 yards and TN has 116 yards.

As good as Bama has been, this may be their best team in the last 20 years. Their defense appears to have 13 players on it.

Bama was clearly the better team, but Arkansas minus some self induced mistakes could’ve made it more interesting.

Living in the middle of Vol country I see and hear more than enough about the Vols. I’ve thought Dobbs was overrated all along.

Maybe you missed last week. Alabama is very good.