Tennessee is 0-2

Lost to Grand Canyon yesterday.

They didn’t lose their second game last year until like April.

Can’t handle success? :thinking:

Those Arizona schools have huge advantages this early in the season.

[Grand Canyon is one of the four schools on my resume.]

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Tennessee played the first two games without two of its projected starters.

Shortstop Maui Ahuna is probably going to be a first-round draft pick this year and is awaiting an eligibility ruling from the NCAA. He transferred from Kansas where he was in the middle infield with Tavian Josenberger.

Griffin Merritt is an outfielder who was suspended for the first two games because of comments he made about the umpires following his last game against Cincinnati in 2022.

Merritt will be back today. Ahuna’s status is TBD.

Waaaay Early. Vols are loaded.

For a team that can’t be humbled, great start to the season.

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They lost a ton of offense!! I was kind of wondering how they might do and it looks like they’re struggling to score runs.
They’re pitching is still elite so they will probably get everything figured out but that offense is definitely not clicking like they did last year they were scoring about 25 runs a game at this point LOL.

They were also playing some of the worst teams in baseball early last year. At one point two of Tennessee’s opponents were 0-11 and 0-13.

Arizona and Grand Canyon are major steps up in competition.

Vols up 7-0 on UC-San Diego today. Tritons beat Michigan yesterday.

I don’t care if what Tennessee does. Toney Vitale lost my respect the way he acted the last 2 years.
He needs a dose of humble pie.

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