Tennessee guard impressed with Neighbors

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … rs-2017102

Richard, you had me confused for a minute with the Prospectsnation.com ranking of Hemingway and Goforth. Then I reread the story and realized that yes, they are both ranked number twelve because they are in different classes.

Yeah, I had to take a double look myself.

It sounds like Coach Neighbors is hitting crootin pretty hard. It will take some time but all indications would make me believe he will put a competice team on the court!

glad to see that his reputation with Kelsey Plum and her success has recruits interested when we’re being mentioned with some of the better women’s bb schools.hope he can keep it going.

Just hope he can pull a minor miracle or so and outperform the SEC preseason prediction this year. That can only help in reeling in some of these big fish.

I had cancelled my tickets after the disrespect of the American flag incident. I have hope that the players that are on this year’s team respect our flag and what it represents to American Veterans. I have received my season tickets and intend to support Coach Neighbors and the Razorback women’s basketball team. It will be difficult and take an immense effort, but I’m hoping good athletes can be recruited to Arkansas. GHG!