Tennessee goes in to Rupp and wins

Every team can beat every team and lose to every team. Here’s hoping we finish on a 5-0 run.

Give Tennessee credit for playing hard and getting a lot of effort points, but Kentucky did not look very sharp tonight. Even with their size, it appears that you beat Kentucky by stopping the guards from driving the ball.

John Fulkerson is playing about as well as any forward in the league since Saturday. Nate Sestina and EJ Montgomery basically gave Kentucky nothing tonight.

Something like this happens to a team after you win the title and there are still games to play. It happened to my other team UALR last night. But I was really surprised Kentucky just lost its edge midway in the second half, since they had a NCAA seed to play for. Even Coach Cal looked flat in his bench demeanor.

The SEC currently has 4 teams projected to make the NCAA Tournament with a 3, 5, 8 & 9 seed.
The perception of the quality of the conference is low this season compared to the past couple of seasons, but closer to the norm from years past.
So, unless some team surprises in the SEC Tournament and wins the thing then it will be a 4 bid league.

SEC needs to go to 20 conference games and trick NET Rankings like Big Ten. Big East is following suit by adding back UCONN. It gives leagues two more quad 1 or 2 chances. If league isnt top heavy all teams can beat each other, then 8 or 9 conference wins versus top 10 teams in league. Look at Rutgers home record and road record. Unless ncaa is on their home court, Rutgers doesnt belong. Also, Purdue, Minnesota and Indiana also suspect. Providence, Texas Tech and Arizona look over NET ranked.
Top 7 in sec should be auto bid. Big Ten, ACC, Pac 12 and Big 12, Big East and AAC seem to have more fans on site and tv sets which aids bids in my opinion. In SEC, only Kentucky travels.

I don’t know that it would be a bad bet to bet the field against the top four teams in the SEC tournament.

Not saying Tennessee will win the tournament by any stretch, but I bet they’re going to be a tough out. Good guard play with Santiago Vescovi and Jordan Bowden, then Pons and Fulkerson can be tough matchups.

Going to the 20 game conference schedule would prevent 2 bad non conferee losses for each team! I’m for it.

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