Tennessee game time

I was looking at the Arkansas basketball site today and noticed a game time has been posted for the Tennessee game on Dec. 30. It will start at noon and will be televised by SEC Network.

The game time was listed as TBD when the basketball schedule was released. That was because the SEC did not want to get into another situation like last year and have to move basketball game times based on when football teams were playing in bowl games. Arkansas and Tennessee combined to win one SEC football game this year, so no worries on that front.

I’m not sure when the game time was decided upon, but this is the first I’ve seen anything of it.

I hope in the future our football team wins enough to at least make a bowl. It stinks to finish this season the way they did.
The 2017 hogs will be remember by many folks as the group that could not finish.

noon stinks i think. would rather it be a late afternoon or night game so fans will have a chance to get pumped up.

it is a good matchup, why would the sec play it at noon when less people will be watching. typical

Once you get to SEC play, everybody is going to be playing on Saturdays, and every game is going to be televised. December 30th is going to be going against many of bigger bowl games, so there isn’t any best time for TV. We’ve had good crowds in the past for noon games. Those games in the 90’s vs Kentucky either on Sunday or Saturday were usually early games.

I’m of the opinion that midday games on Saturdays are prone to have better attendance than the games later at night. There typically are more entertainment options on Saturday night than Saturday afternoon, especially this time of year. I bet there will be a lot of folks who go to the Arkansas game, go home and freshen up and go back out that evening.

It’ll be a conference matchup of top 25 (or nearly so) teams…being pumped shouldn’t be a problem?