Tennessee fined for Saturday's game

The Vols will forfeit $250,000 from the league’s member payout at the end of the year. The university will use in-stadium security cameras to identify those who threw objects onto the field, and anyone identified will be banned for sporting events until the 2022-23 school year.

The SEC said it will not suspend alcohol sales at Tennessee for now, but reserves the right to do so in the future.

Having been a resident of TN for almost 25 years I hear more about the Vols than I want to hear. Right or wrong Kiffin gets much blame from Tennessee fans for their downfall. The incident was also fueled by questionable calls from our ole buddy Marc Curles and crew. The spot in question looked to me to be a 1st down. The fake injury crap Kiffin does also fueled the crowd.

With that being said what occurred was unquestionably one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in College football. Anyone throwing anything on that field should be banned for life from attending a Vol game. Students should be expelled. Even the TN cheerleaders were getting pelted. I think the SEC should ban alcoholic beverage sales for 1 year. Totally embarrassing for TN and the majority of my friends who love the Vols.

Kiffin is an idiot though. He may win but he’s a idiot.


I personally feel that no alcohol should be allowed in any collegiate sporting site.


There is absoulely no justification for the melee that was the end of Tennessee vs Ole Miss. The fine is justified and expulsions should come quick and lasting. Fans have a responsibility to display sportsmanship. (period)!
It is the height of arrogance for the SEC to ignore the causes of this behavior. 1. Marc Curles and his band of either corrupt or incompetent (or both) officials spurred the run away horse and threw fire on the gasoline. That is on our league and punishment should be swift and lasting there too. ( I doubt that will happen). 2. Lane Kiffin loves to stir the pot on social media. He has bad history at Tennessee. Some of this is on his smart mouth and sartastic engagement with fans. He is a thug and we are SOOOOOOOO lucky we didn’t land him here. I doubt that bad behavior would have happened with any other team or coach. It just meant more…


I think TN should prosecute those fans they can identify as having thrown hard objects onto the field.

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From things I am hearing from fans that were there is that Ole Miss fans in the upper deck were the ones who started throwing objects unto the fans below. Then the TN fans started. Doesn’t excuse the behavior at all, I just hope they look at banning their fans also.

I know when were at the Ole Miss game last week, many drinks were thrown by Ole Miss fans toward our fans at the end of the game.

And I ditto all that was said about Kiffin above.

I hadn’t heard that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I fail to see why Ole Miss fans would have thrown objects on the field after a play that benefitted their team. It sounds to me like Tennessee fans are trying to deflect poor behavior by their own.


If that were true, why wouldn’t you throw stuff back at OM fans instead of at the field?? Also, it was premeditated. Why would you carry golf balls to a football game unless you were planning to throw them (most likely at Lane Kiffin)?


Ask the parents of Arkansas players how they were treated in Oxford. They had bananas, drinks thrown at them and called profane names. In front of children and grandmothers, sisters and brothers. The stadium ushers ignored it. This wasn’t from every fan but from enough. Sportsman ship is dying and we (the SEC) are not doing anything to stop it. If it continues to grow it will be the undoing of the golden goose.


I said earlier it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that about OM fans. However, on second thought I think it’s unlikely here. OM fans would have probably been called out by UT fans. Even in the UD’s, there would have been some UT fans who saw them do it. They’d have called security & pointed out the rebel offenders.

So, I think you’re right. This has more of a ring of UT deflection.

Really think they got off lightly on Knoxville. SEC should have fined them at least 500,000.00. We paid $250,000 for rushing the field after the Texas game, but no one got hurt and the conference not the school were embarrassed.


Christ, I finally saw what you guys have been talking about. That’s just classless, and there were definitely some full cans of beer flying around.

I agree with rocket: they got off lightly. The school itself is going to have to address this.


SEC could increase the fines based on additional info/fan I.d.from video review.

I don’t blame the Univ of Tenn for this. Let’s not pretend a school can control fans who decide to do this. At least it couldn’t have expected that kind of behavior if it hasn’t been happening. UT probably needs to be fined, but mostly what it needs to do is crack down on this sort of behavior. Maybe station more security throughout the stadium. Start arresting offenders. Put their butts in handcuffs & drag them off to jail.

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image How do you do Mizzus Kiffin

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Arkansas was fined $100,000 for rushing the field after whipping Texass. I’d support a $500,000 fine for UT.

Still a pretty inconsequential amount, but his decimal is off by two spots. $250,000 of $45,000,000 is 0.5555556 percent. It’s expressed as 0.005555556 the same way that 1 percent is expressed as 0.01.

Terrible and dangerous behavior to throw any projectile that can harm innocent people including women and children; however, I think the childish, punkish attitude and behavior of Lane Kiffin along with the terrible officiating stoked the embers to the boiling point. Not excusing the dangerous behavior of any fans that were complicit in throwing things but I think other parties added to the volatility of the situation. The dislike of Kiffin is now off the Richter scale- especially in Tennessee.

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