Tennessee fan calls out Ole Miss...video

This is equal parts hilarious and pathetic…

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I’m wondering if EOE fans are going “hey, Gruden’s finally available, let’s go get him.” Never mind that they’re actually showing signs of life under Josh Heupel.

What size is that t-shirt. XXXXL ?

or the bra. D cup?

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I’ll never understand the Kiffin love. Esp from a UT fan

I’ve lived in TN the last 24 years. Kiffin is hated by the vast majority of Vol fans. Big time.

In an attempt to stay within the boundaries of both good taste and avoidance of crossing into subject matter that should be avoided on Sports boards, quoting the great American philosopher, Jed Clampett, will have to suffice. “Pitiful, just pitiful,”

I’d say it’s all pretty pathetic, nothing hilarious about it to me. His man crush on LK is mildly amusing but I don’t think that was his intent. Otherwise the virtue signaling was, to use his own pet word, abhorrent.

I believe that is called a tent.

He does bring up at least one interesting point: why do sports fans, writers, broadcasters, etc continue to refer to the school as “Ole Miss” instead of Mississippi? The moniker apparently applies only to the athletic department programs. The university admin doesn’t want the term applied to the academic institution. Good luck with that! A simple search on the subject will reveal why it is so controversial on that campus.
Suggest that when their football team returns to DWRRS in 2022, the scoreboard should show the Razorbacks opponent is Mississippi, not some backward nickname.

I think the problem was always that football players had a hard time spelling Mississippi.


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