Tennessee at Arkansas game 3

It’s 59 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
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Pretty Marty!

Time to take this one.

It would be nice for our hogs to get to 11 wins at the midway point of SEC play. Maybe they can win enough to get a National seed for post season.

Softball finished off the sweep of UAB 6-0; Blazers’ first batter got a hit, no more after that.

Right now, Army, we would clearly be a national seed,.leading the West with a top-5 RPI.

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The hogs still have to play
Georgia on the road
Texas A&M at home
Mississippi state on the road
South Carolina at home
Vandy on the road.
Let’s see if they can maintain a top 5 RPI.

Lineups finally posted. Viles didn’t get theirs done until a few minutes ago. See OP.

That’s a whole season for many D1 teams.

Yes for sure.

Well lead off K and back to back walks! Creating your own problem by putting them on won’t make it easy at all! Glad he got out it without allowing a run.

That’s a pretty good first five…facing all of them without giving up a run…pretty good recovery

Nice hit and RBI by Stovall!!

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Bubba all over the Viles pitcher for complaining about a ball that was obviously a ball. Love Bubba….

Lovely start to this game. This Vile pitcher might not finish this inning

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After 1

I know you’re not supposed to make the third out at third…but, come on. We should have had a guy at third after that deep fly. Still, 3 love.

Good Ole Rowland doing what he does best.

Hate to say it, but I had no confidence in getting another run when Rowland got to the plate with 2 outs. Still, I’m happy with a 3-0 lead after 1

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Rowland and Bolton are where good innings go to die

Both get paid for their gloves….

Bolton got hit by a pitch yesterday stole a base and scored.

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