Tennessee at Arkansas, game 2


Well that’s a sign Goodheart is feeling under the weather by him not being in the lineup in the DH spot!

Let’s win this game. Goodheart sure laid it on the line last night. Hope he is OK.

He make a huge impact. We need him healthy in a few weeks more than we need him right now.

I was hoping Goodheart would be in there but not surprised since I knew he would be sore,huge loss for the lineup however especiually against their ace where runs are going to be at a premium,just hope we can pull it out.

Good first inning for Wicklander.
Tenn starter isn’t throwing the slider for a strike starting off Heston and Fletcher they will have to lay off that pitch.

this guy pitches just like the guy from northwestern State who shut us down for about four innings except he has a much nastier breaking ball outside of Ezell we barely can put the bat on the ball we got our hands full

Boom goes the dynamite way to go McFarland!! Then Franklin with a double!!

Martin with a 3 run Bomb!!WPS!!

Martin’s now tied for the team lead in RBIs with Fletch at 40. He’s one behind HK for team lead in dingers.

You have to love it when you’re number eight and nine hitters are both two for two! This team is on fire what a great job of hitting buy ezell for two more :grin::grin:

Looks like the absence of Goodheart hasn’t cramped our offense. McFarland doing nicely in the DH spot and we just kicked the extra point against the best ERA staff in the country. Pitching just has to get us home now.

When you have 17 people come to the plate in two innings, your offense is in decent shape :wink:

Just incredible job by our offense of laying off the balls and crushing the strikes just wish we could capsule this and carry it with us every week.

Wicklander has thrown 69 pitches through five. Probably will let him pitch the 6th and then turn it over to the pen.

Wicklander has been awesome!! Best control he’s had so far

We’ve got a Saturday night starter.

Yep. Has DVH said who’s going tomorrow? I would think Noland.

Noland for sure tomorrow,hope he can pick up where he left off with no pressure on him.

Wicklander hit the wall in the sixth.