Tennessee @ Arkansas

Well the tip off is a couple of hours away! I hope our hogs pull out a win to remain on the bubble!
Maybe next season we won’t find the hogs on the bubble but a solid lock for the dance in the 4-5 seed line.

Hope we can pull it off also Army!

I’ve had a bad week at work so far and a win tonight would make things so much better!

Hopefully Joe is the difference that we played so bad at their place.

I hope things get better for you at work!
It’s never as bad or rough as it seems!
I will pray for you fellow hog fan.

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I hope Joe has another great night.

Me too! It would be nice if Jones and Sills can get hot too! Whitt should get some open looks as well. The rebounding will be key in this game. I think Chaney will have to provide some help inside in this game. Adrio can’t do the dirty work by himself.

Dang over time don’t have the app or alt channel any score

How about Henderson so far?

Ok just flashed a score 14 to 3 hogs?

16-3 Hogs,

13:55 left in the first

How are you watching It?

ESPN app for me

Dang this ot is killing me rushed home from work, made it in time now SC and Georgia in ot

ESPN app through my PlayStation 4.

Long story unfortunately

Jones and Henderson playing great so far

Yea I do iptv unfortunately espn doesn’t recognize me haha which usually doesn’t matter unless u get ot

Hogs up 18-7.

Thanks Army

Jones has 13 points. Whitt shooting well. Henderson blocking shots and rebounding well

At second media timeout. Mase has 13 of the 18 points. Henderson started and has two points and 4 boards. Joe is 0-3 from the field but he’s creating room for Mase.