Tennessee @ Arkansas. Women’s

Well the hogs lead by 12 after 3 quarters. The Hogs to this point in the game have been quicker to the ball !
It’s been a fun game to this point.
Tennessee 46
Hogs 58

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Arkansas won 83-75.

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Great article Matt!
It looks the this night can even get better. Miss St is battling a gritty Auburn team on the road and are down late in the 3D quarter by 14
Auburn 60
Miss St 46

CMN seemed to think afterward that tonight seals an NCAA bid. Hope he’s right. RPI bumped to 35 according to Nolan. Amazing watching Ramirez and Tolefree rain in treys.

Interesting RPI note. Tennessee is now #54 so tonight isn’t a Q1 win. But UT-Martin, who they beat by 50 right after Christmas, is Q1. Barely, at #50.

Well maybe the Hogs can win these last 3 conference games and get their seeding above the 8-9 line! That’s my hope! I would rather see them get a 10 instead of the 8-9 line!

One team fell out of the third-place logjam tonight as LSU took their whipping from the Poultry. That leaves us, TAM and Kentucky at 9-4. For tiebreaker purposes, UK beat TAM, TAM beat us, we beat UK. And everybody lost to SoCar; us twice. We haven’t played Moo U yet, UK won, A&M lost. Two of those three would get double byes if this holds.

Auburn blew the lead now it tied with 30.4 seconds Auburn’s ball!
I hope Auburn pulls this one out.
I just want the Hogs to have the double bye!

Miss St won tonight! They got plenty of help from the refs!

Here are some highlights. Great job by the ladies.

One of my Tennessee friends was lamenting that he wished they had Coach Neighbors.

Following Pat has not been an easy road…

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