Tenn vs Ga Texh

What a game nobody deserves to get the “L”.

Based off the 1st half and how the Tenn. QB was struggling you have to give them credit for coming back like they did in the 2nd half. Great game.

The SEC was 3-0 vs the ACC this weekend. SEC was 12-2 overall. UF and A&M lost to Mich and UCLA.

UT’s QB is not very good and throws into triple coverage all the time. They have an all star RB in Kelly.

Georgia Tech outgained Tennessee by nearly 300 yards and lost. Basically there’s no way they should have lost that game

That fumble deep in Vol territory was a killer. Could have iced the game if not for that. GT QB was incredible. I hope we never have to face that guy.

I fell asleep at the very end. Hard for an old guy to make it that deep into the night. I watched the last overtime this morning. It was a great game. Lots of story lines to follow. Both teams breaking in new QBs with different skills. Nice to see the contrast in styles. I am not one wanting to see wishbone or flex bone, but I appreciate that Paul Johnson has pulled it off. The Jackets are different. He’s got a brilliant mind.

I was as stunned as the GT faithful.

A big plus for the ugly orange coach
to hold onto his job.

I want Butch to hold onto his job until after we play them again. If they got a real coach they’d be trouble given their fan base & their budget

Exactly. Keep Sumlin too. I wish Miles was still at
LSU. A true top tier coach at A&M and TN would
not be a plus for us.

I like the way you think on coaches

This game gave me flashbacks of Arkansas vs EOEK

But like Ark - you outplay them but at the wrong time you run out of gas and EOEK jimmy and joe talent wins