Tenn turns the tide LOL

Bama missed the field goal and Tennessee move down the field in about 30 seconds to kick the game winning field goal!!

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When do they play Jawja

They play them Nov 5 in Athens

I hate it was TN that took them down, but glad they lost.

Hope they never win another one.

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No one will be in my Sunday school class tomorrow!


I’m so glad someone beat them the way they usually end up beating folks

The world is ending the officials favored Tennessee over Alabama!

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Tennessee just forgot it was a baseball school.


My church service will be practically all Orange tomorrow. Glad I’m in Florida. :grimacing:

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It’s nice to see Bama choke and leave too much time on the clock. Saban will blame his players and give no credit to Tennessee!

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Don’t know what Saban’s message will be, but between the penalties and mistakes, he has a lot to fuss about.

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