Tenn lassoed Texas tech 6-2

I think they are going to give
Vandy and Georgia all they want in the east

Nice start and great Resume win.

Duke’s Bryce Jarvis threw a perfect game yesterday against Cornell. He’s shown signs before; he held Vandy to one run in seven innings in the supers last year, but that was the night Kumar Rocker went insane with 19 Ks in a no-hitter. Jarvis got 15 Ks and only needed 94 pitches. In looking at the box score, if he didn’t fan someone, they usually grounded out very early in the count. Never had a 3-ball count.

Meanwhile, Doug Nikhazy of Ole Miss stayed sober long enough to contribute to a no-hitter of Xavier yesterday. If you don’t remember, Nikhazy was arrested on a DUI charge earlier this month. (No I’m not going to take it easy on a Rebneck. Especially not Nikhazy, who has shown a tendency to run his mouth.)

Wallets beat Miami in extra innings, LSU lost to Eastern Kentucky and UCF beat Auburn in a Peach Bowl rematch :slight_smile:

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