What a mess in the bottom of the 9th.
Tenn wins and then they don’t!
Going to the 10th

I thought that was interference watching it live. It was a good call.

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Yep, was a clean slide by ut runner. Bama if’er fell over the runners knee.

Absolutely it was

Was very questionable…should not have been called on the field. Why did u think it was a correct call?

That was a tough call because the runner slid straight into the bag and IF fell into his space IMO and runner looked to me to defend himself by putting his arm up, I do not think it kept the fielder from throwing to 1st as he threw a seed to 1st but the batter just beat it out. I wouldn’t called interference.

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He made contact with the fielder when he lifted his arm and that affected the throw. Had he only made incidental contact with his feet/legs, I don’t think interference would have been called.


Exactly, Matt.

Just disagree. Arm contact was incidental… fielder tripped over runners knee which messed up his throw.

I don’t care if it was the right call. I want TN to lose

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I don’t think the rule distinguishes between incidental or deliberate. If the runner touches the fielder it is interference on the base runner.
That’s my interpretation.

Go Bama.

It’s now Bama 3-2 with TN batting & 1 out in B11

Now 2 outs. Nobody on base. Looking good for Bama & the upset

Bama wins

You hit the second baseman in the family jewels with your arm sliding in to break up the double play, it’s interference. Whether you like the rule or not, it’s the rule.

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