Temptations Fans

Is Reggie Perry the David Ruffin of the Hawks 5? Did the band suddenly become Reggie Perry and the Four Hawks? How is all of this going over with the rest of the group? Are we hearing any sour notes yet?

Oh man I hope for some in depth reporting from their next AAU tournament… if @r1bang isn’t too busy cow tipping in starkvegas to show up in Las Vegas lol

I will see them in Las Vegas at the end of month

Gotta figure they are very disappointed whether they said it or not

I figure they’ll say all the right things, whether they mean it or not. And it’s probably best that they do. It won’t do any of them any good to go off on their teammate.

I doubt that is what they are thinking about… got to wonder what they are thinking about tho

Looks like the current hog players don’t care about saying the right things. Most of them have taken shots at the decision and Perry has took some small jabs back at them on twitter. I know I’ve seen some shots delivered by Beard, Macon, Barford, Thompson, and Cook on twitter.

I would imagine a lot of them feel betrayed, he was suppose to be the leader of the next wave of Hog players. This time 6 months ago, you couldn’t tell this guy anything bad about the Hogs and he was vocal during most games and actively rooting for us and calling out refs for bad calls. And we all remember the letter he wrote. Now he’s teaming up with Nick Weatherspoon taking shots at us… My how things have changed.

I’ve learned it’s best not to get too excited before the final whistle. This is very disappointing but I was a little surprised
he committed to us so early seeing he was from out of state and his dad played for MSU. I would have respected he and his parents more had they simply told us they had changed their minds and wanted to go elsewhere. I doubt he was ever serious about us. He played with our emotions then discarded us.

Sports can ruin your day if you let it. Sooie!

We’ll probably only have to face him one year if he is as good as folks think.

I don’t think you commit unless you are serious.

But clearly the family changed its mind, which is their right.

that somebody made a comment on Twitter that “decommit from a school last week then commit to another school the next week in the same conference = bag was dropped”…TJ Cleveland liked the post.

Tells me what the coaching staff thinks about all this…and all I need to know about the situation.

The day Perry is going to decommit rumors started, several predicted MSU and said dad was offered a job. Then the family seemed to distance itself from that by saying dad was sick and looking at FSU (I understand the MSU if dad is sick, as I said earlier seeing son wear his old number for his alma mater makes sense). However, if family moves to Mississippi (also a rumor) and dad takes a job, well then we as fans and our players and coaches have a right to be upset.

He was dead serious when he committed here. Anyone says otherwise has not been paying attention.

This is a bit off topic, but didn’t think it deserved it’s own thread. But, this beef between Bill Ingram and Nick Mason is hilarious. They are really going at each other on twitter about this whole Perry situation. They may be the only 2 people in the world blaming each other for Monk and Perry not coming here. Looks like Mason was waiting to get at Bill Ingram, I’m assuming Ingram called him out on being a Monk fanboy.


Ha ha

Didnt see Nick, saw Quinndary say something. Beard’s tweet was the best

Nick Weatherspoon just retweeted some stuff he didn’t do much.

One thing that has come from this i’m excited for us playing Mississippi St next year now. I like to see a little trash talking and see some rivalries get started.


Absolutely agree.

Comments: at the end of the day what does it matters, this kid doesn’t us owe UA fans an account nor the parents. If there is some truth to any of the rumors good for them they have now increased their income.