Temple basketball transfer impressed with Arkansas visit

Thanks for the story. Do the coaches still want him after the visit and will he commit soon? Thx

The last sentence of the article, says decision Monday. That weight of 175 has to be wrong. He looks like he’d be closer to 195 than 175. He’s in great shape.

Looks to be very talented. My only question would be about him leaving the team in Feb for personal reasons?

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He was benched in the Feb 16 loss to Wichita State and left the program after that. Reading articles on that from Philadelphia Inquirer, looks like it was a Devo David type of situation. Devo returned, he did not.

I am sure Muss will do the due diligence before he becomes a Hog.

He could be a real find for Muss if he passes that test. I just found this in his write-up on the Temple website:

2021-22: Suffered a season-ending injury to his left foot (fractured fifth metatarsal) in La Salle game (12/1)…Scored game-highs in five of the first seven contests…Led the AAC in scoring (21.4 ppg), and the team in field goal percentage (.538/2nd AAC), three-point percentage (.488/1st AAC) and threes per game (3.0/2nd AAC) at time of injury…Named AAC Player of the Week for his 29 point effort in win over Delaware…Scored 20 or more points in five games.

That is some eye-popping stats (49% shooting on 3s)! That was for the 7 games before he broke his foot and was done for the season.


This is the sharp shooter we need. Muss will, as usual, do a deep factfinding exam before the papers are sighed for the talented Mr. Khalif Battle. Phenomenal stats.

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I remember watching him that season. He can ball. Yes, he would be a great get and probably our leading scorer next year.

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Yes they want him. I think Arkansas is in good shape. Guess we’ll know Monday.


Big time player who will change our offense tremendously.


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