missouri coach provided the template we all have witnessed this year. be physical with gafford, and lay off harris and whoever is playing the 4. gafford had a good game even though he was hammered all game and the officials let them play. once again the 4 position was a no show offensively. we got killed on the boards. the comeback was a 4 guard lineup with gafford. we’ve seen this before, and i think we are better offensively with that lineup however it does have its shortcomings defensively. only way to solve it is via recruiting.

we will see who we sign in the late signing period. need some men who can score.

on a positive note, joe seems to be adding to his offensive game. actually hit some twos and made some moves to bucket. reminds me of hannahs. by the time he was a senior he had a good drive to the bucket moves, was just not a spot up 3 shooter. good to see. team needs to be built around him in the future. we’ll be a year older and wiser next year, entire team needs to have improvement in the off season.

It may have worked it the hogs hammered of Tillman like Missouri hammered Gafford. Of course that wouldn’t solve the size open 3’s.